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This story is about Mahira, an Event Manager with a growing Event Management Company. Mahira was flourishing in her career as her company was doing big, medium scale and large events across NCR with bookings done till end of November 2020. She was in her early thirties, positive, energetic and efficient in her work. Come March 2020, like many others she was confined to home initially and later work from home.

Mahira was devastated as most of the immediate events either got cancelled or postponed, with so many cancellations her company decided to downsize. Considering Mahira being a star performer, she was in list A. These staff were told in the month of May to do online event business development and host online events from home, they were given targets and left on their own to either be a winner, a survivor or a failure. Mahira had to make her choice and plan for herself ……..

A new business vertical in a normal situation would have meant a year long research, planning, resource sourcing and optimization etc. Although; we know there was huge Re-set for many businesses due to this situation.

Mahira took it as an opportunity and started working on building her client base, she accepted the new normal, worked hard to understand new technology and ways to use it in her company’s interest. She spoke to her potential clients, she activated her personal network, worked on her existing clients to make them understand the benefits of online events, she created videos and spoke about the benefits of hosting online events and enrolled in various self-development courses. She kept her family and friends informed and didn’t miss pulling out time for her mental wellbeing.

Thus, with her determination and grit Mahira was able to develop three long term clients, helped to set up in-company processes and helped document the new learnings from the lockdown situation from her experiences and those shared by her fellow colleagues. This showed that she was not only focused on getting her targets, but also lead to help the company as well as her fellow colleagues through her documented learnings. Management understood and appreciated Mahira’s efforts to wade through the tough times and she topped on list A as most potential employee. Her company has now decided to further groom and upskill her to be able to take up independent charge of further virtual business verticals.

Learnings from Mahira’s resilient attitude to CHANGE :

  • Mahira had a clear sense of purpose which didn’t allow her to let loose. She promised herself to not give up and fought for herself to accomplish in the most vulnerable situation she got into.
  • Research has proved that self-esteem plays an important role in dealing with stress and recovering from difficult events. Mahira believed in her abilities to cope up with the stresses of life and emerge a winner. She replaced the negative thoughts with positive ones and ignored negative comments which would pull her down.
  • While simply talking about a situation with a friend or loved one won’t make your troubles go away, it allows you to share your feelings, get support, receive positive feedback, and come up with possible solutions to your problems. Mahira was mindful to connect with her social network for her own wellness.
  • Mahira willingly embraced CHANGE – this made her outlook positive and helped her to focus on possibilities.
  • Research suggests that people who are able to come up with solutions to a problem are better able to cope with problems than those who cannot. Mahira experimented with different strategies and focussed on developing a logical way to work through common problems. She practiced problem solving skills. 
  • Mahira did not simply wait for her problem to go away on its own, instead she worked on solutions and overcoming the challenge at hand through consistently taking actions.
  • Working on your skills is the path ahead to wade through tough times, Mahira knew this and she resiliently kept learning and working on her skills.
Meeta Johari
Meeta Johari

Certified Coach, Trainer, Human Resources
Employee Engagement & Organisation Development Professional