Rouble Nagi is a famous name in Mumbai and in the world of underpriveleged. The founder of Rouble Nagi Art Foundation and Rouble Nagi Design Studio, is an award winning internationally acclaimed Indian artist with 800 murals & sculptures to her credit. Having done over 150 exhibitions, winner of coveted Jija Mata award by Government of India, she is one of the pioneers to beautify Mumbai with art installations all around the city. Some of her niche initiatives are

• Misaal Mumbai, Misaal Hyderabad, Misaal Delhi, Misaal Rajasthan, Misaal Madhya Pradesh, Misaal Chennai, Misaal Haryana, Misaal Uttar Pardesh, Misaal Assam, Misaal Uttarakhand

• Rouble Nagi Art Foundation (RNAF)

• Balvadi

• Health and skill development Camps for Women

• Art Camps and learning centers for children

Misaal Mumbai

If you have recently visited Mumbai, you get to see an explosion of rainbow hues that would be visible from far away, stretching from one dwelling to the next in a wave of unexpected energy, while moving in your cab from Mumbai Airport to the city interiors. Over last decade, RNAF has been working in Slums and Villages with its niche initiative of Misaal Mumbai India , with objectives – Learn to Earn , Rounak , Paint Dharavi , Crayon and Read and Write India. The Social Services Delivery Project , “Misaal Initiative” is India’s First Slum Transformation Program for Slums and villages and aims to improve standards of living for the poor and vulnerable population living in the slums.

It started with Paint Dharavi in 2016 and now in numerous Areas in Maharashtra and India. Over 150000 plus houses have been painted and waterproofed by us till now, by including locals, volunteers and residents.

Misaal Mumbai focus on following key issues : 1) Importance of cleanliness, hygiene, sanitation, beat plastic pollution, waste management 2) Empowering women through Skill training. 3) Youth empowerment through Skill training. 4) Education for Children through schooling and Balwadis. 5) Cleanliness drives( waste management,say no to plastic ) 6) Health camp for children. 7) Art camps for children.

Misaal Hyderabad

The community painting together improves relations, makes a positive atmosphere and acts as a motivation agent to address all the issues that are individually mentioned below. A clean environment is a healthy and happy environment. But a bright, freshly painted surrounding can have a monumental effect on the people residing there. Residents will begin to take better care of their surroundings and become advocates for positive changes. ‘No Spitting’ is a rule that the community and its residents impose on their own, to maintain the painted walls and respect the effort that has gone into it. Promoting cleanliness has become our number one priority. However, we successfully motivate the locals to keep their homes, their streets and common areas as clean as possible by installing color, vibrancy, bright artwork all around the slum, she further adds.

Rouble Nagi Art Foundation

Rouble Nagi Art Foundation is a Mumbai-based NGO, registered under Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950. We are currently running five programs focusing mainly on Education and Employment and Educating through Art.

Balvadis An intelligent way to significantly affect the dropout rates, improve retention and ensure enrollment, is to show that learning can be fun! Learning centers are created once RNAF builds a rapport with the community and conducted threshold activity of Art Camps. The registrations received from keen community members, translate into enrollment at new Balwadi – a space taken up on rent, done up, painted and made ready by RNAF team, to welcome the children. The children begin to attend the art classes at the Balwadi and this activity continues throughout the year once it’s begun and Balwadi converts into a safe space for them.

Health Camp & Disease Prevention Drive Health is such a personal topic, that once it is addressed with care, with the right Medical Professionals and attitude, it becomes easier to do advocacy and teach them what to change or alter or continue, from their existing practices.

We don’t stop at check-ups and diagnosis; our doctors advise them on how to treat and deal with common diseases, how to avoid certain diseases and what to do in terms of necessary medical action. In advocacy, we promote the idea of how prevention is better than cure, as we are fully aware of the socio-economic condition of those residing in the slums. This is a sensitive dialogue, because medical expenses can drastically come down if they understand simple things like washing of hands, curbing open-defecation, keeping the nullas clean, etc. as told to Ensemble by Rouble Nagi.

“We are currently running five programs focusing mainly on Women Empowerment, Education and children welfare. “Learn to Earn” is a program which focuses on Education, and we are running courses for Govt schools all across Maharashtra. “

RNAF has signed a partnership with the Government of Maharashtra under Mahaparivartan and are now working in Thane, Vasai, Virar, Pune and Nagpur at various slums. They have started Misaal Hyderabad and Misaal Rajasthan in 2019 and 2020. Some of the objectives of RNAF are Misaal India Learn to Earn Rounak Paint Dharavi Crayon Read and Write India.

Source : by RNAF for August 2020 issue