Indian Government brings long awaited reforms in Education Policy

  1. 5+3+3+4 system replacing 10+2 school education
  2. Stream differentiation merged to permit different subjects by a student owing to holistic multi-disciplinary education
  3. Vocational skill introduced in school education
  4. Primary year education till class V in mother tongue only, and online learning in all languages through integration of technology to be mandatory
  5. All policies and standards to be same for Public and private institutes.
  6. A Combined Entrance Test to be planned, whose score along with Grade 12 score will be merit for UG admissions through-out the nation
  7. Multi-disciplinary education in Higher education Institutions
  8. Multiple exit and entry to UG courses and a smooth transition across nation’s HEI with the help of a credit bank for smooth transfer between HEIs with credit transfer.
  9. Holistic development including but not limited to community engagement, climate and environment awareness, socio economic awareness as per UN norms of sustainable development goals
  10. Differentiation between degree granting stand alone colleges and Holistic wholesome education providing University
  11. Research a mandatory part of a HEI. There will be two categories – Research incentivised and teaching incentivised
  12. A nation wide teachers training in technology and digital pedagogy, upskilling and increased remuneration to attract best of talents
  13. A staged accreditation for HEI
  14. Online distance learning (ODL) and online teaching-learning promoted in HEI
  15. Complete digitalized teaching and learning including digital libraries, digital content, pedagogy, infrastructure by integrating technology
  16. Constitution of several regulatory bodies, one each for vocational training, technology development, holistic community engagement, Incubation centres to promote entrepreneurship and many more
  17. Single Regulatory body for Academic and technical institutions instead of UGC and AICTE
  18. Internationalisation of HE introduced first time promoting incoming foreign students and global collaborations
  19. Research funding and several types of free-ships and scholarships to be announced for under privileged and ST/SC/OBC/ and other categories
  20. Courses in Education like B.Ed is mandatory for all HEIs as course provider. A certified course in education (teaching pedagogy) mandatory for aspiring professors during Ph.D enrolment.